Monday, March 27, 2017

In Bible Journaling Groups, I'm often asked,

"Is this the Bible you take to church?"
And for me, the answer is most likely, YES.*
But for most of my Bible Journaling friends
I find that the answer is probably a NO.**
 *Yes, because this is the Bible I was using before I even thought of Bible Journaling... 
I originally bought it for its wide margins so I could get more notes in it as 
I listened to sermons each Sunday...
 But I am fortunate to have had many Bibles throughout my life and I wanted to share them with you today, starting with my very first Bible, 
the little one my mama called my Rainbow Bible. 
I became a believer when I was seven years old and
I used this Bible from my earliest years until late middle school...
I love that it was used so much the binding has fallen off... 
and I always loved the photos inside that helped me learn the stories in scriptures.
And I love that even at a young age I was encouraged to mark favorite passages or scriptures that touched my heart -  

During late high school and college I used this Bible - 
and while I know it's not a literal translation - 
God sure used it to speak to me during that time in my life. 
The pages, and margins, and blank pages in the back are FILLED with notes that helped shape me into the young adult I grew to be - It was a blessing to be a part of great youth group where we learned and grew together.
It's fun to look through the pages and find all kinds of things tucked inside... 
Some things are dated and others just bring back lots of memories of a time when I really submitted to the Lordship of Christ.
 This Open Bible was my first true study Bible...
[I loved its leather smell -]
I chose the New American Standard translation becasue it was said to be the closest to the Greek and Hebrew at the time. And it's still a favorite of mine.  
I used this Bible during our young married years - young kid years -
I used it until it was literally falling apart.
I'm so glad that I have notes in the margins [and tucked inside]
from my spiritual growth during those years -
Love that I have little notes from the boys too...
After it fell apart [truly] I used these two Bible for a few years - 
Again, loved that I found some notes and things from the boys tucked inside - 
Both of these Bibles had great study notes, and I enjoyed them, but as I became more involved with in-depth Bible Study I wanted another study Bible that would give a little more insight...
So the next Bible I bought is this one
[now covered in tape, becasue it, too, is falling apart]
 This is the study Bible I am using still - 
It is also New American Standard 
[I think it will always be my favorite translation]
 and has terrific notes from many Bible scholars to help me understand 
and apply the scriptures to my life.
And again, you can see that I've always been one to write my notes in the margins.
But I needed more room....
*I bought the Bible that I currently take to church with me over ten years ago -
 It looked something like this when I bought it - 
Only purple. 
I was searching for a wide margin Bible so I could have my sermon notes right next to the scripture and when I saw this bright SQUARE Bible I loved it.
[And it didn't hurt that it was on sale and I could use our extra discount at Books-a-Million!]
Here's what mine looks like now -
I USE it, 
there's no disputing that - 

And I so enjoy being able to use art journaling techniques 
to bring The Word alive on my pages.
It goes with me to church every Sunday where I take notes 
in a little TN [traveler's notebook]
 that I later use to prompt my Bible Journaling.
After I started Bible Journaling I was happy to get this 
interleaved Bible at a discount during pre-order.  

It's BIG and THICK and HEAVY -

This Bible is definitely used mostly [only] for art journaling. 
It does not go to church with me - 
but I use it almost daily to spend time with God in The Word - 
I know y'all get tired of hearing me say how much 
I enjoy having an entire blank page to create on!
So that's it. I'm curiuos to know - 
Have you used different Bibles [translations, etc.] 
during different times in your life? 
Do you have one favorite that holds special meaning for you?
Share with me!
[I so enjoy hearing others' stories!]  

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