Monday, February 13, 2017

Always have something

to look forward to - 
That's kind of our unofficial motto - 
We like to plan.
And we like to go - 
Our calendars are already filling up with lots [and lots] of work travel.
We're in a fortunate place where the other one can sometimes tag along.
And having my best friend along always makes things better.
And while we plan BIG things we also plan smaller events too.
A couple of weeks ago I looked forward to having some time with my guys all week and that anticipation just made the days a little lighter somehow. 
[Even those cRaZy I-wonder-if-I-can-get-it-all-done days!] 
So that's my encouragement for today - 
Look at your calendar and plan some things - 
even if it's something JUST FOR YOU.
It could be as simple as having an ice cream treat, or mani-pedi, lunch with friends, or planning to be in the perfect spot for the sunset [or sunrise]...
I've got a few things out there that I'm looking forward to and I hope you do too!

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