Friday, December 16, 2016

So I’ve not been the best

 at posting about the regular goings ons in my life…  ha. 
[Maybe because of the great computer virus in September 
and the loss of ALL the photos… 
But really that’s no excuse, because, y’all know I take tons of photos 
 so surely have something to share!] 
I still want to share about our trip to Wisconsin [so fun!] 
And some about thanksgiving [always my favorite holiday!] 
But today I’m sharing a little before and after with our fireplace mantle. 
First let me say, I love a good clean house. 
[Not that it was necessarily clean when this photo was taken – 
but it was getting there – and it at least looks like it here. Ha.] 
I came across some photos on the blog 
 about a simple blue and white Christmas –  
and I remembered a few years back that I used our blue mason jars on my mantle
 and loved it so thought I would bring them back out. 
Something about me you might not realize – 
while I have a lot of STUFF 
– my mind is so much more peaceful when my environment is less cluttered with things.
 So – take a look at the photos here and tell me the biggest difference you see – 

Yes. The ‘shiplap!’  
My sweetheart is a SWEETHEART
and always agreeable to go along with most some of my crazy ideas – 
So one afternoon we picked up a piece of paneling  [$20] down at the Home Depot 
[and by we, I mean he] 
and brought it home to put over the fireplace – sideways, of course [duh.] 
After cutting off 8 to 8.5 inches, depending on where it was hanging, 
since we live in an old house that has settled a bit with age, 
we just pressed it into the space 
[it’s anchored with a few finishing nails.] 
Two things: 1] It is not permanent so we left the heavily anchored screws for the large mirror behind it, and 2] I’d originally intended to paint it a heavy gloss white – but I loved the woodgrain too much to cover it up – so it got a nice little white wash instead. 
[I used a grey marker to go over the seams.] 
And WOW, what a difference it makes!! 
I had already said I had a couple of places where I wanted to do this if it worked out – 
so, poor sweetheart may have a couple of more projects in the new year. 
– But seriously, if you don’t want permanent shiplap, this is an easy faux alternative.
 Got the wreath in the 75% off selection At Home and added a little white paint to it, deer from Hobby Lobby, and greenery from our frazier firs out back. 
While i was digging through Christmas decor photos [and yes, I had to go to my own pinterest board for a few of them - ha] I found a couple of more to share...
Remember Fritz?
He visisted the Christmas after my mom passed away - that was a crazy year where I just wasn't feeling it, and he brought a little whimsy in to help me out a bit...
And this was last year, I think...
I use most of my same decorations year after year but in differnet places..
I'll share a bit more of my whole house soon!
Merry Christmas!

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