Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What can I say?!

Craig and I had the most wonderful time in Wisconsin last week! 
I may have to select a few hundred photos to share on facebook with you, 
because I could never narrow them down to fit a blog post! 
We found fall, y'all!
And then came home to some glorious weather here as well!
But I wanted to share about the event I attended - 
She Loves Color - put on by Bella Blvd.
Simply wonderful!
OLDSCHOOL with six classes taught by designers with scrapbook companies! 
- YAY!
Plus - extra a-la-cart class to choose from and night crops / activities too!
Highlights - 
My table:
I've been to lots and lots of events - and almost always go solo - and I've heard over and over about how people made such great friends with their table mates... and honestly, it's never happened with me... until now. These gals are THE BEST. We come from all walks in life, but we all love the Lord, and I really don't think we accidentally ended up together. Even though we only spent two days together [TWO DAYS seemed like a week in a REALLY good way!] I think we'll keep in touch - and hopefully all be together again next year!
Designer Day:
There were so many great classes to choose from - 
This gal BOLDLY shares her faith and her walk with the Lord. 
Plus, she has great faith planner tips and products that I want to share with you in more detail. Such a great way for me to start the event!
The projects: 
Laura Graff - Webster's Pages - Traveler's Notebook
I love this nifty little way to scrapbook - in fact - I kind of started one before the event - but have now re-thought it all due to her wonderful ideas!
[Remind me to share more later!]
Stephanie with Bella Blvd - a Year in Review - TWELVE layouts in two classes - 
-- Just a couple of the 12 to share with you - SO FUN!!!
 And how did I spend so much time visiting with Stephanie and not get a photo together?! 
Nilmy, Stephanie, and Becky [?] did such a  great job pulling this event together!!!
Amy Tan with American Crafts - two layouts [with water colors!!] plus her take on doing a traveler's notebook on the go. Amy is always such a great teacher - was fun to have her sign the bag I did in her class at Spark in 2011 - right before her first line with AC came out.
And she was so fun to visit with while she sat at our table!
Stacy Julian - always my favorite! We're instagram friends, as she said, so it was fun to catch up a bit in real life. She did a GREAT job as the key note speaker [as always!] and I really loved her @Home album with Heidi Swap and other wonderful products! 
It was so nice to meet her mother too - love that they had time to explore a bit of family history while in the area.
Plus, she taught us how to use the Project Life app to size photos, etc. 
I KNOW I'm going to enjoy using this part of the app!
In fact, I spent half the trip home sizing up things for the 
Traveler's Notebook for October 2016. FUN.
The gals with Doodle Bug Designs - Fun in the Sun album - SO CUTE!
This little album is adorable. And since we tend to have lots of beach photos I'll have no problem filling it up... but it does have a decidedly HAWAII theme...hmmmm....
The stuff:
Y'all - I came home with FOUR bags full of extra products!!
Think re-usable grocery size bags!!
I haven't even had time to un-pack and sort through it,
 but I already know
The visiting:
 The event was small [compared to others I've attended] with less than 200 people,
so it was so nice to have time to visit with all of the teachers, and other attendees.
Loved having a little time with Shanna Noel - always an inspiration to me!
The wins:
Each teacher gave away TONS of product in their classes - 
At Saturday night closing there was at least a hundred more giveaways [doorprizes] - 
You got a ball for every $15 dollars spent in the amazing store at the event 
[Plus we had pre-sale access to amazing one-of-a-kind product for the event!] 
I saw one gal writing her name on FIFTY-FOUR balls. 
Not kidding.
I didn't have that many - ha.
 I was lucky enough to win an A5 Planner from Webster's Pages!!
Still in the box as I write this - but it is BEAUTIFUL.
This was, hands down, the best scrapbook event I've been to in a very long time!
I'm registered for next year and would love to have you join me in Milwaukee!
I loved the event, plus I got to spend time with this cute guy - 
Y'all know we always enjoy an adventure - 
and Wisconsin was lovely!
 I'll share more later as I have time to sort through the 2,000+ photos we took! 
At least one for every mile - ha!
Plus - post coming on all the wonder 'finds' we got along the way.
Note that the yellow jacket and plaid bag are shown here - 
my two favorite buys of the entire trip! 

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