Monday, October 10, 2016

Okay, y'all - I'm SO EXCITED

to share this with you!
Christy Jordan has a new cookbook coming out in November and I've been blessed with an advanced copy of it - 
Yes. It is. 

Not only is this book ADORABLE - and has some of the best southern favorites
 [as well as new-to-me ones!] 
 it also has some of the best Christy stories yet. 
[I love her writing so much!]
Soooo - I've committed to sharing one recipe from each chapter with you  - 
and the decisions have not been easy because there are SO MANY delicious recipes to choose from - and right in time for the holidays too!

 Today we will start with 
TIGER BUTTER from 'Simple Candies' [- page 237]
Altho - that cream cheese divinity is calling my name!
I wanted to give this recipe a try because, well - 
I love to get some tiger butter whenever we see it at fudgey shops - YUM.
And Christy's quick and easy recipe did not disappoint.
Just stir the ingredients together as she directs, let it cool - then break into pieces to serve. 
With it's peanut butter- chocolatey goodness, it's much like buckeyes without the hassle.
 It's incredibly sweet and delicious! 

And perfect for gifting - which is exactly what we did after we'd eaten our fill.
Christy's going to be at book signings around the south as well as on QVC.
Check out her site for all the details!!

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