Monday, October 17, 2016

Here's another delicious

recipe from Christy's new cookbook that I want to share with you.
The book is coming out in November and called
And, it is full of sweet goodness!

This book ADORABLE - and it has some of the best southern favorites
 and also some of the best Christy stories yet. 
 [I love her writing so much!]
Today, I wanted to share a  recipe from the chapter, Old Fashioned Fruit Salads. 
There are so many wonderful recipes in this chapter that bring back memories from my own childhood.... but I wanted to try the one called Super Fruit.
 Again - just following Christy's easy instructions... and after letting it chill a bit, you have this wonderful low calorie, fruit-filled goodness.

It's incredibly sweet and delicious! 

And perfect for an after dinner snack. I really thought this would be taken along in the cooler while we took a little trip, but alas - it was GONE before we even left. LOL.
So good!
Christy's going to be at book signings around the south as well as on QVC.
Check out her site for all the details!!

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