Monday, August 15, 2016

The Summer Bucket List...

Do you have one? 
I think we’ve always sorta had one… 
Back in the day the Summer Bucket List consisted of 
as we made plans for the boys to experience 
Things that their friends with non-working mama’s might experience, plus things [like “camps”] that might enrich their knowledge / exposure in lots of areas. We’d often juggle going to daycare for an hour or so, then picking up for another activity for a few hours, then back to daycare for the afternoon, and maybe early pick up to go to practice. 
As a result they attended Vacation Bible Schools, Tennis – Soccer – Sailing Camps, Swim Lessons, Church Music Camps, ETC. Almost every summer… 
There may have even been a kids mensa / science camp / chess meets 
a summer or two…  
 Then we threw in camping at least monthly – usually starting the summer off with a week at Pt Mallard where we enjoyed Jubilee [Hot Air Balloons] bike riding, and the Wave Pool…
and ending with a long camping weekend on the beach in
Destin the week before school started.

  Fun Times.
I created this little Summer Bucket List check list a few years ago 
when I started playing with mixed media a bit…
And even though the kids are grown, I still make a little list of summer things to do – 
Goals for the summer so we can intentionally enjoy this time of year… 
[Which just made me think – shouldn’t we have a Fall Bucket List? 
A Holiday Bucket List? A Spring one? LOL]
This year’s list included things like: Concert in the park – fish fry; camping; hamburger night; lazy river; family at the house; root beer floats; Nashville Flea Market; Three Caves Concert; hobo meals in the fire pit; Geo caching / Letter Press Hunt; fireworks; 
after church lunch with friends; etc. 
- photo - 
[I had a little list for each month in my planner…] 
We didn’t get to check them all off – but it did help us plan a bit.
 And while summer is not nearly over here in the south, some of the traditional summer activities are coming to an end as school is starting back. 
So we had to make some quick adjustments to our schedule this week to get a trip to the 
Pt. Mallard Wave Pool! 
They added a lazy river a couple of years ago, and it’s been on my bucket list 
[never achieved!] ever since – 
 So THIS was the year to get ‘er done. Ha.
We spent the afternoon floating around, relaxing, and dreaming dreams... then had appetizers, a thirft store stop, and dinner at favorite places before heading back to finish the night with another nice flat around, or two, or three... 
DEFINITELY something that needs to be a priority for next year - although we will concede that we probably enjoyed it more because the kids were all in school - lol.

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