Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I've promised that

a post is coming about my vintage train [make-up / over night] case hoarding problem...
And I'm committed to selling some at some point... 
But for now, I've got to get them cleaned up a bit...
 And I've kinda gotten side-tracked by the idea of covering them a bit...
 This is an old Sears model... 
It's a MESS on the outside and I really did not like the off white color at all.
I remembered that my sweet friend, Pam S. had shown some she had covered that turned out beautiful... so I thought I'd give it a go -- 
I decided to use napkins that had a fairly busy pattern
[to better hide any mistakes I made - lol]
After separating the napkin [most are three-ply and I removed the two white layers] I set to work with just a pair of scissors and mod podge. 
I had it completely covered in one afternoon.
I'd left the little trim areas and handle plain, but then decided that I had the perfect washi tape to take care of that -- And it really DID give it the finishing touch that it needed. 
After a quick spray of high gloss sealer and a few hours of drying it is ready to go.
I'm LOVING how this turned out -  
In fact, I've already started on another small case
[not a train case]
that I think is going to be adorable when it's done.
I'll share the finished project!

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Frankie Brost said...

LOL!! I love the off white color!!! (you did a great job too!! ❤️❤️❤️)