Monday, June 20, 2016

OMGoodness. I love my family

 – love that we can just be ourselves together
 and love that we soooo enjoy being together….

At one point during our recent gathering we had two in the kitchen visiting, two in the den catching up together with a little fishing show thrown in, one asleep on the couch, one dancing around the living room feeling the beat with a cell phone pressed to her bottom 
[it wasn’t me!] 
a couple sitting outside enjoying the day, 
And the rest immersed in a super fun reality game where you can 
walk in space and throw planets around. Cool.
 I think the ones watching others on the screen had almost as much as fun as those 'in' the game! [And you got it - there's no problem with moving the furniture around to enjoy our time.]
 Seriously it was a wonderful day of just BEING together. We don’t do it often enough.
And you know what, I could doctor these photos up 
[and probably will a bit before I print them - ha] 
so that you don’t see the REAL LIFE that was happening all around us – the full garbage can – gotta love it – workman’s crap – umm, STUFF all over the yard – shutters on the ground and leaned against the house, dog toys piled on top of the crate, breakfast dishes in the sink, ladders, ladders, EVERYWHERE…etc. etc. etc.
No one lives in a Pinterest Perfect world, y’all.
  Sure, we cleaned and tidied up, and I got my summer décor out… 
But the day was more about the people than the things…
Well… maybe it was a little bit about the food too – 
My sweetheart cooked his delicious fish and fixins! 
Others brought ‘sides’ to share together… 
and we ended with a little make-your-own ice cream sundaes!
  So much fun - and we don't do it often enough, so we?
I'm thinking Mama's beef stew and a big ole pot of chicken stew 
for our next gathering... what say ye?
We ended our day with just us at local Mexican meal with plenty to share.
Does my heart good to have us all together!

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