Friday, June 10, 2016

My Bible Study group

is going through Kay Arthur's book on the names of God, 
and I decided it would be nice to have the names large 
in the margins of my Bible so I could find the verses easily. 
 [Side note - I often put the topics on the side of pages like this
 in our training manuals so they can be easily found.]
So here's a few pages to share with you today - 
Note that I'm trying to keep it uniform with the same style lettering [hand drawn]
and colors throughout... 
Had to pull out the full water color set for that -- 
[Second side note: I love to study The Word and create while out in nature...] 
There's a problem with these vibrant colors though --  
They tend to show on the back - not really a bleed through, but messy, just the same. 
I've tried a couple of ways to cover it:
white paint [still shows thorugh]
gesso and tissue [ TOO wrinkley]
I think I'll have stick with plain white paper and mod podge... 

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