Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just wanted to share a quick reminder that

 the ‘classes’ tab [above] has been updated to show 
the devotional / handout we used this month in our faith art gathering. 
You can see my take on the devotional above – 
[It's my ring-tone, y'all]
 I enjoyed my time with this group so much this month 
that I didn’t take a single photo! 
It’s so fun to meet together at a local coffee shop, 
where in exchange for a cup of coffee [and maybe a pastry – yum!] 
they let us use their space –
I really want it to be a come-if-you-can kind of group. 
So I know we’ll have different ones there each month, and I love it.
I also wanted to share a couple of other things I’ve created this month...
I LOVE this page that was totally inspired by an instagram page I follow - 
 – RuthieCarlsonArt , and maybe it has a little Junelle influence as well...
And this is recent sermon notes, to the far left and very bottom.
The top right was completed after the Priscilla Shirer event last year [the tip in as well...]
And the bottom middle is sermon notes from a sermon more than a few years back...
It's not always to incorporate new art to an existing page - 
but I like how this all cam together.
This was inspired by a page I saw on Pinterest -- I used a differnet verse and title than they used [sorry - artist is unknown] I loved it since I drove a newbeetle for more than a few years... and I really do want to continue to follow Christ, always.
Nothing wrong with putting your entries in sideways....
and this ribbon heart is a total copy from google images - 
I printed and sized it to fit, put it under my page with my phone to light it up and traced it on the page... lettering is all mine....

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