Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Here's the deal

I wanted to show you the last of our travel scrapbook for 2015.
It's the first scrapbook album that I've completed that's entirely pocket pages!
I promise - I won't bring it out again - 
I know y'all must be tired of seeing it -- 
As a re-cap - this album started during the TC Event in Vegas last fall - they were kind enough to tell you how many photos to bring - so I took our July 4th photos - but then saw how much space I had left - So I ordered additional pocket pages to add in ALL of our 2015 travel - ** I plan to put tabs with travel locations in place of the pink sticky notes -
My process with pocket pages -- >
Put the photos in.
Fill in blanks with pocket cards / patterned papers. 
Add embellishments.
Add journaling.
 So here's the mostly finished** project. 
This is the first page - and I like it - 
But I'm still considering a more 
traditional scrapbook page as a 'cover' page.... 
Gatlinburg in January was so nice!
 You can see I added in a 4x6 journal page  - this is a page cut from one of those inexpensive little photo albums you can pick up most anywhere you have photos developed... 
I closed the ends off with washi tape before punching holes...
The other side holds a photo.
[I personally LOVE the look of different sized pages - 
and in retrospect wish I had added more into this album.] 
On these pages I used an old tag, covered in patterned paper, for journaling. 
We enjoy my conference at The Gulf each year - but sure did hate that we missed the BIG SNOW  that happened while we were gone....
And on this one I used a pocket card to share a bit about our camping weekend...
It's okay to trim photos to fit in the pockets!
This is another added 4x6 page with the photo on the front, and journaling on the back...
Our little tour of Matt's new office and apartment.
I wanted to share a couple of ways that I add in the ephemera [fancy word for the STUFF you might collect while traveling...] Above, I just punched holes in the bag I got from the museum store and put extra stamped pages, receipts, postcards, etc. inside.
On this one I used a little zip lock bag with washi down the side 
[front and back] before punching holes... 
The washi gives it a bit more stability.
It's clear so you can see the pamphlet and our tickets, etc..
And here I just punched a couple of holes in the giant post card 
and stuck it in the album.
I may use the back for journaling in depth about 
the incredible Red Rock Canyon.
Next, I wanted to show you a couple of things -
If you look at the 2nd row on the left you can see that the Deanie's Seafood pocket is see-through -- This is actually a take-out cup that I cut to size and put in the pocket. 
[I love see-through elements almost as much as different sized pages!] 
I did this several times throughout the album.
And if you look through it you'll see another thing I like to do with travel albums -  
Insert travel maps / pamphlets by punching holes in the edge and making them a page. 
Another example of this is the page behind the shopping bag page...
It's always nice to have a map to reference.
During our trip to New Orleans in November we were mostly around Tulane... 
and the city map was much needed!
So that's it - the last I'll share of this album - but I hope it gives you some ideas of how easy it can be to create a little book of your own!

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