Friday, May 27, 2016

A few weeks back

we had a little meet-up of faith artists.
Before I get into the details --
Let me share a few things that I came away with -
1] I just enjoy being with like-minded artists who share openly and freely;
and offer encouragement to others. 
2] It's wonderful to hear others share about how The Lord is speaking to them / challenging them through faith journaling / Bible Journaling.
3] I {{LOVED}} seeing these women quietly, but BOLDLY proclaim their faith as they worked on their pages in a public place. 
[It did not go unnoticed by others who walked by with curiosity  on their faces.] And, 
4] I love that faith art is less about the one creating it and 
[so much] more about The Creator.
Y'all might remember that I did something similar a couple of summers ago -  
 We worked through The Women of Faith book, Joy in Creativity... 

We created in our books and / or and made a little artsy card each month... 
So fun.
I loved that little group of women who came from difference walks in life to gather together and focus on The Creator as we created...Sooooo - I felt led to try it again - especially with this renewed surge in using art to focus on The Word.
 I announced the gathering and, again, had women from lots of different faith backgrounds - and life backgrounds - come together.  
I love how The Lord works.

 We had a good little gathering - and we're going to do our best to make it a 

Second Saturday 
Atlanta Bread
Huntsville, AL
 My plan for now is to provide a short devotion and idea sheet each month.
[It's nothing fancy; you can trace it or use it to inspire you -
See my take at the beginning of this post -]]
I'm using Patsy Clairmont's book, Catching Fireflies [love it.] 
Some of you may remember that I used this book as inspiration for a five week faith booking [scrap booking] class on our Yahoo Group back in 2009. 
It's timeless.
- I'll be putting those 'lessons' on the Class Tab [at the top of this blog], 
along with the new stuff each month.
So feel free to join in, even if you can't be with us in person each month... 
We'd love to have you be a part.

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