Friday, April 22, 2016

Okay, here's something different

that I wanted to share with you...
Y'all know that in my Bible Journaling I don't like to cover the scriptures 
- Nothing wrong with that - 
It's just not for me... 
I'm journaling in the Bible I use daily, and I want to be able to read it...
With that said, I do like the mixed media look of the 
words peeking out from beneath the paint - 
So --- >
Transparencies to the rescue!
 I copied my art on a transparency and put in my Bible with tape.
Edited to add: I scan my art and then either print on a transparency for my printer - or take it to Staples and have them do a color copy on a transparency for copiers. Transparencies can be purchased on-line [my Staples no longer carries it in their store.]
Washi tape for this one, 
and this one.
 And clear tape for these last two...... 
These are called tip-ins in the Bible Journaling / Planner world - 
They are secured on only one side so they can be lifted up to see underneath... 
It's a neat way to include some of my more complex art in my Bible....
But there's lots of free printables out there that you could use also!

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