Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Love Spring in the South

I'll always remember what a welcome site it was when 
I returned that April, way back in the day, 
after a year full of snow covered mountains - 
Don't get me wrong - 
I sure do love those mountains too! 
But springtime in the South is gloriously filled with colors and fragrance 
[and, yes,] 
that makes my little southern heart sing.
So it's around this time of year that I begin plotting and planning and planting. 
The weather people say there's still a possibility of frost, so I don't want to go overboard .... Still, I couldn't resist these flowers that were marked half off... 
They were healthy and blooming again before I could get them in the ground! 
It will be fun to watch them fill out as they grow.
I got some for a hanging basket too. 
I'll probably also get a trailing flower or two to make it extra pretty -  
I've got lots of ideas about how to fill in the back flowerbed, but I have to remember that once the elephant ears and lantana comes in there's not much room for other things...
 I've got to give the patio furniture a good cleaning since Pawley has made it his home base through the winter [and he sheds a ridiculous amount.] We've also been feeding him and KittyLou out there in the mornings in an effort to NOT feed the possums and racoons so much - ha.
But I've got to get it spruced up a bit so we can sit out in the evenings and watch the rabbits in the yard. [But more importantly, the lightening bugs!!] 
Sitting under our little patio cover is a favorite thing to do - 
When I can breathe, of course.
For now, I'll be enjoying it all from the inside... 
until the trees stop blooming anyway.
[My #1 allergy. - whew...]

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