Friday, April 29, 2016

I enjoyed meeting some new

friends at a local church to share and work on our Bible Journaling recently. 
I love being with others and seeing how they use their creativity to 
help reinforce The Word in their heart... 
I hope it can become a regular thing...
  So, here are some of my recent pages...
This is a verse that stuck with me during the recent Bible Study 
we did in the group I attend.
It's really my theme for the year, right?
[Notice the little quote at the first of each month...]
And another from the same Bible Study...
I went back through the book at the end of the study and 
pulled out the things I'd written notes about...
This idea came from pinterest...
I love the swirling stars in the heavens.
This is old sermon notes that I went back and 
added larger words [and water color]
 to give it a bit of a title.
The smaller print in the middle of this page is 
from a sermon some years back... 
This idea came from pinterest...
So... looking at the pages I've shared so far...
Can you tell what some of my favorite colors are?
Well, it's not this - lol.
I thought it was time to branch out a bit... 
and I'll be honest and say - 
I'm not loving the look of this - 
And I almost didn't share it, but sometimes, 
we just have to go with it, don't we?
It is such a favorite verse of mine,
I'm glad I illustrated it.
I like the orange a little better.
This is a giant foam stamp I got at CKU back in the day... 
But I know the majority of my pages will be 
filled with the softer colors of blue and yellow water colors... lol.
Have a wonderful week!

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