Monday, February 8, 2016

So --- I’m not new to the planner business –

 I’ve kept one to keep my life on track for over 30 years now – 
I call it my cal-en-dar.
       I’ve been a little bit resistant to this new planner craze,
but finally decided I could incorporate some of the goodness into what works for me.
[This is the weekly section when we traveled last month  -  Mickey was a tip in with lots and lots of notes on the back. I loved using disney washi tape 
and project page cards to add to the look -]
I've always put little bits and pieces of things in my calendar to give it a little happy
... and added in photos to keep my family close to my heart... 
And it was color- coordinated way before the boys were born - 
This just helps me see at a glance who might have an activity for that date
But now that I've been inspired to take it up a notch by the recent planner trend 
I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it -  
KittyLou and I sit together each Sunday evening and plan our week –
But really, why am I surprised? – 
I’ve always set aside Monday mornings as ‘free time’ 
to gather my thoughts and plans for the work week –
But now that I'm 'officially' in the planner craze 
[I get A KIT, y'all!!] 
I decided I needed dedicated Planner Supply Storage – 
where everything is all together. 
I'm loving this skinny train case -
Let's be honest, I have no inclination or time to have more than one planner 
so this is primarily a schedule of my life to keep me on track - 
It is not a journal or a scrapbook.
[Those are completely separate hobbies for me.] 

This is the inside cover where I have my quote for the year - 
I did this last year and loved seeing it throughout the year...
 And after a few weeks, I finally have a plan [ha] for my planner that works for me –
 I chose this one because it has a couple of blank pages 
between the month and week sections –
 A 'dashboard' for each month if you want to use the trendy lingo...
This is where I put:

 my Monthly Quote [seen on the blog - goes with my yearly theme...]
 / other quotes that inspire me


"Good Things"
[On-going list of the best little things in my life each day.]

Blog Schedule / Planning
[under a photo]

and Themed Embellishments
 I enter:

Appointments – color coded as I’ve always done

Bi-weekly memory / mediation verses
[I did this last year and it really helps me to have them 
in a place that I see each day.]

and Décor to fit the theme / activity

On my WEEKLY PAGES pages I put more detail on the date for appointments – 
Again, color coded [and possibly embellished a bit.]

I also have a few tip-ins:

Bi –weekly cleaning schedule that I can check off 
[- I love a good check list, don’t you?]

Cards / sticky notes for work tasks

Cards / sticky notes for personal tasks
I'm using pocket page [scrapbook] cards for these...


- On the back of one of these cards I record my weight and calories / exercise 
for each day – shhhh...
and behind the other I have a list of meals I know I have ingredients to prepare...

I also add in stickers / photos / cards / other things that make me happy.

[So sorry for the blurry photo --]

I've also added a tassel that I made just for fun [although, it's a little annoying and may not be there for the long haul...] and a ring where I'm putting my little cards of my bi-weekly scripture mediation - I can see where this may become too bulky 
and may have to be sorted quarterly.]

But this is working for me , for now. .
Maybe check back in six months... and we'll re-visit what it looks like then - lol.

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Linda Matthews said...

You keep things so down to earth, Judy. I wish one day I could meet and play in your craft area with you.