Wednesday, February 10, 2016

If I must tell the truth

I will say that this is the fourth [or fifth] Minnie hat I’ve knitted. 
The first one was much too big [using the ‘small’ size of THIS pattern…
On the second one I had the red / black mis –proportioned 
[I tried to take it out and ended up so frustrated that the scissors came out…
Yep.  I’m patient like that.] 
If you’re knitting the extra-small and it should be a total of 5.5 inches before starting the decrease, the red should only be3.5 inches to get the look of mine. 
[Hope THAT makes sense. Ha.]
 On the third hat my stiches got twisted on the needles
[knitting in the round is fun, but you’ve got to watch things a bit – lol.] 
However, I WAS able to take that one out a bit – and knitted it all on four needles - 
It’s the one I finally finished for me. 
[Ears are crocheted {two for each ear} and stitched on. The bows were knitted and stitched on – I crocheted around my bow to give it a finished look.] 
 And, boy was I glad I had it during our trip because the first day or so was COLD.
After FINALLY finishing one that I liked
I started one for the little one in my life. I sized the pattern down to xxs and knitted it in the round [SO FAST!] I actually finished the ears on the plane… 
[so yes, you  can take needles and safety scissors on board…] 
I stitched the last ear on while waiting for dinner after our first adventurous day in Legoland. I’m not sure she loved it – but I sure think it’s cute… 
And her mama might wear it if she doesn't!

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