Monday, February 1, 2016

I’ve been playing around with the idea

of doing some phone covers with my art for a while now…

[painted last year,
inspired by Mindy Lacefield]
The most obvious way would be to buy a clear phone cover and insert my art inside… 
but y’all  know I’m cheap  frugal so I needed something
 even less expensive than that…

And my sweetheart, the super shopper that he is, 
came to my rescue – he found these cute little snap-on covers at a deep discount store!

I think they’re pretty cute like they are – 
especially this one!
But I wanted to use some of my own stuff...
 So, I gave it a try...

[Inspired by Sunny Carvalho]

I’ve loved adding my own art to them! 
I just printed out my art [after sizing it to fit] 
and decoupaged it on – 
I added the matching paint to the edges… 
then put a clear seal over the top.
Oooooo, now I have all kinds of ideas!

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