Friday, February 26, 2016

Here's a few of my Bible Journaling

pages I've done recenty -
Let's start with this one inspired by Shanna Noel with Illustrated Faith -
I really do love the look and layers on this, but y'all know me - I'm not one to put a lot of layers on my thin Bible pages - so I 'recreated' the look with water colors and pen...
I was lucky to have a blank page to the left of the scripture that 
I wanted to highlight -
This is another favorite verse that just so true for all of us - I found an image of a lantern by searching 'clip art lantern' and then used it as inspiration to draw my own. I didn't copy it - although sometimes I do put the image under the page and do just that.
 This one is a copy from this art that showed up on my pinterest feed. You can see that even when I attempt to copy piece for piece it always comes out a little different. 
I"m not sure who completed the original - but thanks for the inspiration!
 These were sermon notes from a few years back 
that I took the time to highlight a bit -
sorry this photos is wonky...
And more recent sermon notes, just highlighted a bit...
I like how just bit of color 
can make the important parts stand out to me...

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