Monday, February 22, 2016

Are you like me? I always bring a little

 [or not so] packet of paper paraphernalia home with me when I travel –  
ephemera is the more trendy term for it – 
I usually just call it STUFF
 You know – some receipts, maybe post cards, drink coasters, and always little bits and pieces from the tourist magazines or pamphlets…  
I usually save it in an bag from a purchase I made while traveling – 
ALWAYS with the intent to put it on my pages when I scrapbook the trip. 
But more often than not I forget to pull it out 
once I actually DO print the photos and record it all in my scrapbook.  

 Well… as I was unpacking and gathering all of this together recently 
I had this little idea I wanted to share with you – 
Y’all know I’ve been embracing the pocket page scrapbook system – especially for events that have a large amount of photos – LIKE TRAVEL. 
So, this time – instead of setting it all aside in a bag that may or may not be able to find when I scrapbook the photos – I just pulled out some pocket pages and sorted it all there. I’m sure some of it will be moved around a bit when I actually [print and ] put the photos in. I’m also sure that I’ll do some traditional scrapbook pages and put them as well – 
Stay tuned! 
I’ll share the finished product with you when I get it done!

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