Monday, December 21, 2015

Here's a little DIY giftie

that i've seen around for a couple of years - 
Soooooo easy to do - 
First let me say that I started with a 'recipe' to make the sugar scrub and after setting a while it would seperate into layers and would need to be stirred before using...
So my sweetheart suggested using salt instead...
and after giving it a test run, I really like it.
 Here's my basic recipe:
1 cup salt
[We bought ours in 4  pound boxes at Sam's]
1/3 cup [Pink] Dawn with Olay
1 Tablespoon oil [any kind except olive oil]
1 drop red food coloring [optional]
1 Teaspoon peppermint oil [optional]
 Just put in your container and give it a good stir with a spatula.
You want the salt to remain grain-y.
It reminds us of the soaps we see in the restrooms 
at high end restaurants at The Gulf.
 I love it - 
And as you can see, I made a few!
[The containers came from Dollar Tree - 5 for $1.]
I have some setting beside my kitchen sink and use it all day.
After making a tray-full I snapped the lids on, tied it up with string 
and added a couple of tags - 
one with the recipe and one with greetings on it. 
You still have time to do this if you need a couple of last-minute gifts!
Merry Christmas!

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