Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just a quick little post to show a bit of what it looks like

 ‘round our house this time of year…
Craig picked this little tractor up from someone’s trash
 more than a few years ago 
[YES, please.] 
 It’s been setting in our front flower garden ever since – 
but this year I thought I’d pull it out front and center 
[or to the side of our porch, anyway] 
and fill it with pumpkins for the season. 
I put some mums in the flower pot 
that’s probably been there for 40 + plus years… 
And, then of course, I have our traditional star pumpkins 
that light up our porch every fall. 
[These are seriously easy to do and I’ve had them for over ten years…]
Happy Fall Y’all.

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