Wednesday, October 7, 2015

By now, most of you know that I attended the Teresa Collins Las Vegas Event last week

– and some of the gals in the fb group mentioned doing little gifties for our table mates – and since there were only four to a large round table [we had plenty of room for our projects!] I thought it was doable –


I just didn’t think my table mates would care anything at all about scrapbook stuff with an Alabama theme –
But I wanted  my gift to reflect our state.... in a good way... 
and I knew I could pull together a little basket of treats --- 

I did a search on line and found The Alabama Gift Company – located in Gadsden, and since I just happened to be working down that way a week or so before our trip I stopped in during my break -- 
And y’all, they have the most adorable baskets [and goodies to go inside!] I got the smallest size – about 10 – 12 inches… because, 
hello – 
I had to get them into my luggage without squishing them!

They’re straw with a wooden base so I printed a little clear sticker [above] and stuck it inside the bottom....forgot to get a photo of it - but it was cute! ha.

Then I used the tissue paper they generously gave me to line the basket before filling it with mini moon pies, goo goo clusters [both southern favorites,] and other assorted candy bars. 
I learned from my mama that it doesn’t take much time to make a gift feel a little extra special with a nice wrapping, so I tucked another piece of tissue in, over the top, and tied a piece of cotton [gleaned from a local field – lol] onto it with a tag that said, “Hey Y’all – nice to meet you!”

I thought they were pretty cute – and didn’t take a lot of time to pull together – I packed them without the cotton [wrapped it in extra tissue paper and transported it in my carry-on] and tied it on before taking it to the event. 
I think the girls at my table thought they were as adorable as I did – and I know Teresa loved the one I gave her because she immediately shared it with her husband [but alas, no photo of that either – lol.]
With the holidays approaching, I'd love to see how you decorate your packages!

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