Monday, September 7, 2015

Three day weekends are always nice...

Hope you had an extra day off and enjoyed relaxing from your labor!
We started the weekend with dinner with friends - 
Always fun to gather 'round a meal and catch up together!
Then we stopped by The Fair [in town] so I could practice taking night-time light photos - Got a little 'tour' coming up later in the month and I want to have at least an idea of what to do with the Big Camera -
And on Saturday we got up early [to beat the heat] and did our traditional Dog Days Flea Market run - and we found a lot of neat stuff - 
But nothing we really NEEDED. So we came home empty-handed. 
Is that a FIRST?!? Ha.
Stopped by Fresh Market and picked up burgers for the grill [bacon cheddar - always good!]
- On Sunday we got up and went to another flea market on the way to see the youngest - and y'all know I'm crazy ---- I picked up these cute little things for $5 - ha. 
Make now mistake - they will be outside cats, just like Pawley - 
I'm allergic, remember? 
But for now, they are inside getting acclimated to house and home.  
I DO LOVE kittens! 
And I love the fact that they'll keep the chipmunk population down in our yard - 
Pawley has gotten a bit lazy in his old age - ha. ]
I need name suggestions!!!
Got to see the youngest's new apartment - It has a TON of character! 
Very Loft -like with HUGE windows and exposed brick.
Including posts in the hallway that are big enough to hang his hammock - fun!
It is a much quieter residence than his other place - 
You hardly know anyone else is in the building!
Love that he is only two blocks from work now. 
We walked over to see their new offices too - 
They moved earlier in the summer and are continuing to expand...
 His office is on one of the top floors of Warehouse Row. 
And it's pretty cool too!
In a month or so, they'll have almost the entire floor for offices.
We walked down to eat at Sugar's Ribs [delish] - and took Uber back - 
We wanted to see how it works - 
So Easy! And Quick! 
Then we drove up to Point Park for a little walk around and to see the view -
[In all of our years going to Chattanooga - we've never been here!]
And a beautiful view it is!
[Craig took this panoramic shot!]
On the way down the mountain we stopped at a little gift shop and 
watched The Incline Railway go past - Fun!
Today has been a lazy day - we're thinking Craig's ear infection may be re-surfacing so he's been resting a quite a bit - we had left over burgers for lunch and plan to see the new Robert Redford movie early in the afternoon.
But for now, it's nice to just have some relaxing time in my own backyard...
And on a much more serious note - please join me in praying for one my sweet cousin and her family - She is closer to my mother's age than to mine - and she had a life-changing stroke this weekend -  It breaks my heart to see her, her son, and sisters go through this...

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