Friday, September 4, 2015

Frugal Fashion Friday

Again - I'm sharing these posts just to document 
how I pull together outfits with very little money.
I know I'm NOT a model... and
I KNOW I'm no fashionista!
 [In fact, I very rarely buy trendy clothes...
But I do try and dress nice for work - lol.]
-- so, let's see... this outfit consists of a dotted top from Walmart [around $10,]  thrift store pants [$8] and loose shirt [black on black dots - Jones New York - $4.]
It's a cool favorite this summer!
This is a blue on blue striped dress from Old Navy [less than $20]
I love the cut of this dress - and it's so soft too.
It's been another summer staple...
So easy to pull it on with blue sandals...
This is another favorite - a light blue / chambray colored linen dress 
[thrift store - around $8]
I added a larger shirt with tiny anchors all over it 
and striped trim on the cuffs and collar for a jacket look..
[thrift store - around $5.]
This dress was actually a couple of sizes too big so I had to get out the sewing machine and do a few seams to take it up in the shoulders and waist area. 
I love the easy - breezy comfort of this.
And I've worn it quite a bit this summer also - 
Please ignore the hotel bathroom - 
And I've come to realize that if I'm going to keep going with these posts I may really need to invest the time to set up the tri-pod to get a photos a little better than this - ha.

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