Monday, August 24, 2015

Sooooo.... a quick re-cap

of our trip to south Florida -- 
Craig had a little work trip a week or so ago 
and I had the opportunity to go along with him...
I love to fly up in the clouds!
We flew in / out ofOrlando and enjoyed driving south a bit -
I LOVE the Florida of my memories with  
sweet little shops... palm trees everywhere...
Cute houses... with those 'Florida' windows that roll out...
While Craig was in meetings I took a little art class up in Ft. Lauderdale 
and had a facial in Dania Beach - fun and relaxing!
We stayed at The Diplomat -- 
So beautiful!
This is the view walking in from our parking garage...
and on each side of the street...
---- Not the Florida I grew up with!
We enjoyed time on the beach 
[NOT the beach I grew up with either! - lol] 
And at the pools  - so gorgeous!
['Mineral' pools - so  none of that chlorine smell!]
And of course we ate good food -
splurging on a three course meal at 
[Food Network's] Scott Conant's Corsair
- worth it!
We also had Cuban [not for me - ] Italian, Grandpa's Bakery [on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives] and LOTS of seafood! We love to go to the local places [like 12A Buoy, above] - and Craig was happy to find that SouthPort was still open since he remembered it from his extended training times [more than a] few years back. - And it was as good as he said it would be!
 But I mostly enjoyed relaxing with my view of the sea...
I'd just finished up a week of training-- 
so it was nice to have a break from the work world...
I caught up on some art video classes 
[thanks for the free WiFi, Hilton Honors Club!]
And enjoyed reading a bit out on our little balcony...
It was kind of hard to say goodbye to this plush little [HUGE] hotel...
[This is the view walking TO the parking garage...]
But we know we've got other adventures ahead of us!

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