Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More than a few weeks back we got a new refrigerator –

Our old one was over ten years old – and somehow I think it should have lasted longer than that [we have one in the utility room that is old-old and still going…] 
but things just aren’t made to last these days… 
or maybe there’s too many fancy parts on them that cost too much to repair – ha. 
It was dying a slow death… it began making noises a while back every time it would re-fill the ice maker… then it started dumping a big pile of water on the floor…  
We lived with that for a while...
And as the noise got LOUDER I noticed a huge sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer…hmmm. 
Turns out it was the defrost motor… and after some research… the decision was made to begin looking for a new one [fridge – not motor.]
There were a couple of problems though – 
One – the noise had become almost constant [well… it seemed like it – we were actually unplugging it every now and then to be able to watch the telly undisturbed…] 
AND, two -  we were going to both be out of town for almost a week, so of course my anxiety went on fire alert – there was no way it was going to stay plugged in while we were gone. We made the decision to move everything out to the extra [old-old] fridge and freezer [new-new] while we were gone…
 But on a whim we thought we’d take a look around our fair city and 
see what was out there. 
Oh. My. Who knew you could spend $6,000 or more on a fridge? 
Now, if you did [and could do so with no reservations] – Good for you! 
It’s just – I can’t… and really don’t want to…
  But I REALLY wanted one of those refrigerators with the freezer drawer across the bottom –  try as I might, I couldn’t make it fit our space. 
Have I mentioned we live in an old house? Our counter depth is a little [? - ha] less than what is standard today --- so I had to adjust my wish list just a bit – bottom line – I wanted ice and water in the door – It’s something we’ve had for the past ten years and we use both of these conveniences every day. So we looked and we looked –
And then my sweetheart asked if there were any clearance models – voila -- > 
There it was… stainless, no less [without the shiny-smudgy part on the sides] 
and it was within our budget! 
It’s got a few more fancy buttons on the front along with the standard ice and water… 
and it’s got theater lighting [LED] inside that comes on in sections when you open the door – WHO KNEW we needed theater lighting?! 
I also love that the ice maker is in the door -- 
I rarely used the little shelves there in our other fridge [nothing much fits AND what did would fall out on my toes - ha - 
So I don't miss them at all - and having it in the door frees up even more space inside the freezer. [The freezer part has theater lighting too - ha]
 We've had it a couple of months now -- 
and I'm still not used to it lighting up in stages - lol.
Oh! One last thing it has that we never knew we NEEDED [lol] -- is the retractable cord in the back - Seriously - SO NICE to not have that electrical cord all jumbled up in the back... not a feature we'd have EVER thought to ask for, but very nice indeedy...

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