Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Some of y'all remember

that back in the day I had a little monthly scrapbook kit company called 
Faith Based Pages with the purpose of giving inspirational ideas 
about how to put your faith on your scrapbook pages --- 
We closed it out after a few years for several reasons -- 
1 -  I'm NOT a shopper and to be viable in the scrapbook world at the time meant to always have the latest and greatest available; 
2 - There just wasn't that many faith based products out there back then - and 
3 - at the time putting your faith on your pages was seen as something one did on occasion
[not on a regular basis.] 
And maybe also because, - 4 - I felt led toward other art mediums 
and started dabbling in mixed media 
and putting my faith [and inspirational verses] on that  -- 
I love the direction this has gone. 
My heart has always been to share my faith with others through my art -
 So I am enjoying seeing all the interest these days 
in faith journaling - Bible journaling - etc. 
There are lots of groups and blogs out there to inspire you and help get you started - 
Illustrated Faith -- Documented Faith -  His Kingdom Come
Journaling Bible Community
to name a few... 
Do a search and you'll find a ton of ideas!
I love seeing how everyone takes this idea of art journaling their faith and puts their own spin on it in so many different ways!
  My personal preference is to use a little art or lettering to highlight notes from Bible Studies, sermons, or verses that inspire me in the moment. 
I'm using my regular wide margin [note-taker] Bible 
that I've been taking to church these last few years. 
[Note: this is very different from my study Bible.] 
These notes were taken during a sermon and I went back and 
added a little title and illustration...
I did the same with the notes above....
I don't like bulky stuff and am not using my Bible as an 'art journal' - 
I have art journals for that - 
I don't usually illustrate over the scriptures, 
other than to highlight what has been studied 
- I'm keeping my notes and illustrations in the margins...
I shared with y'all a couple of months back that I had the opportunity to hear Priscilla Shirer live and in person - and I knew I'd be taking a lot of notes so I pre-cut  a piece of paper for notes that took during the Bible Study. 
Then I inserted it as an extra page once I'd highlighted what stood out to me...
I just used plain clear tape to stick it in near the scripture she had referenced 
and I love how it turned out --
It  highlights all the things I remembered most without adding a lot of bulk to my Bible.
Note that the smaller notes are from a different study -- 
 I'm trying to do at least one illustration for the two verses I'm memorizing each month 
with Beth Moore's Living Proof Blog --
I use colored pencils, water colors, and markers in my Bible.
And sometimes I just like to play around with thoughts in my head...
in my art journals
  or on canvas....
It's a form of meditation to me
- a time to spend with God as I relax and listen to His voice - not necessarily about where to put paint color, etc - 
More about just talking with Him as I create... 
Just slowing down enough to listen to His voice...
Isn't that what meditation is after all?

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Patty Williams said...

Sorry if I have left multiple comments ☺.

Long story short. I love your work ! So beautiful, lettering, art and highlighted verses.

Thanks for sharing, you are. Really talented.