Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A few months back I shared with you

 how I was taking old albums apart and re-doing them - 
I figure it will be SO MUCH easy to find photos of the PERSON or EVENT 
rather than trying to remember what year it was taken. 
[Yes. I'm old.] 
I'm also doing my best to pull out events like beach trips / holidays / Disney / travel / etc. 
into separate albums... 
I'm going to talk about that with you today -
But first I want to show you my entries in the scrapbook 'chopped' contest that helped me win 2nd place and a nifty 31 bag with lots of goodies in it during the Scrap It Southern Style with Keller Creations a few weeks back --  First up was the tag that had to incorporate the yellow paper, hole protector, and buttons... then the layout that had to use the brown die-cut and flower and include all the elements a scrapbook page should have [I went with: title - photo- journal - embellishments] 
and lastly a card that had to use the banner and blue cardstock.
So back to my albums --
I've always had five albums for the boys 
Pre-School - Elementary - Middle - High School - & College -
so I've been getting those up to date [inserting all the loose pages I've created these last few years] and labeled. -- You can see that I've NEVER felt the need to scrapbook every. single. photo. I stayed with the Creative Memory type [hinged] albums even after I began using three-ring binders so theirs would look consistent on the shelf. - I'm a little OCD like that...
[Oops - meant to get a photo - I'll share it after I settle on different labels...] 
Y'all remember that I shared that I picked up these American Craft albums at Joann's half price 
- free shipping. Spent my birthday money on that a couple of years ago --
Through the years I've just picked up whatever three-ring binder was on sale at the time 
and the differences on the shelf just annoyed me. 
There. I said it. 
And that may just be the reason that I've felt the need to re-do these albums -
My albums are mostly in chronological order - so it's been a task to get them into these themed albums. 
They've been spread out on the playroom table for over a year now....
I know...
But it's almost complete! [And I love it.]
[a re-done page since the back must stay intact -
will now go in 'Just Because']
However, some chronological albums must stay together 
since they have photos glued directly to the page on both sides. 
[Back in the day I had a VERY SMALL scrapbooking budget 
and did all I could to save on paper, etc. ] 
These will have to stay intact with dates for the labels... 
and I'm okay with that since I've wheedled them down so much. 
[Is that a word?]
[original - completed some time in the late 90's]
HOWEVER - some of these I just HAD to move to the newly created albums -- 
resulting in the need to re-do some of these pages... 
I'll share a few here - but keep in mind that I tired really hard to stick with the
 integrity of the pages and time-frames that they were originally done --
[after - will now go in 'Places we Go']
So here are a few before and afters -- >
[I had to take photos of the "befores" so I could copy the journaling -]

[after -  will now go in 'All About Matt' -- ]
 So some are similar --
 and others turned out a little different -
[no more stickers ---] 
[after- will go in "All About Us - Judy']
 And I apologize that these aren't the best photos - 
but you get the general idea...
These last two don't have 'before' photos --
But they needed to be re-done to save the layout on the back of the page... 
[re-done - will go in 'People We Love - Bolton']
[re-done - will go in 'People We Love - Hardwick']
 Love that I thought to save one of the poems Craig's MawMaw 
included in the cards she sent to us through the years ...
 So here's the stack of MOST of the new albums --  
I'm still working on the labels in my mind -  lol - 
I just can't settle on how I want it to look - 
but I do know the font will be LARGE and easy to read.
[Similar to the one on the bottom.]
However.... now the OCD is kicking in again and 
I'm wondering if I need to put all the similar categories in the same colored album?!?!?
What do y'all think?

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