Monday, June 22, 2015

Well.... hell-o Summer!

It's hot as heck out there!
 I'm not complaining --- yet.
But I am thankful that I don't have a job 
that requires me to be out in it all day long...
Sooooo - I traveled a bit this week -
Back to The Capital City...
And was bitten by a spider in my hotel room
[a first for me.] 
- I'd just bragged about how this particular location had been refurbished 
and looked pretty nice....I hadn't stayed in this spot for several years, but it was near our training site, so I gave it go...
But won't be back - lol.
[We stay in a particular chain of hotels and they really are pretty nice for mid-priced hotels... I've rarely had a problem and feel safe there - even when traveling alone...
PLUS we get mega points that we use for vacay days...]
While there, I did a little test run on some 4th of July fun...
- Hotel Room Art -
In other news - 
we're loving our little patio area and view into the yard...
 I'm still doing the #expressyourselfy challenge...
[It ends on the 30th -]
And I FINALLY saw the elusive white squirrel!!!
[Craig's seen him off and on for YEARS.]
He's adorable.
We also attended the cute couple across the street's renewal of vows to 
celebrate their SIXTIETH wedding anniversary. 
How cool is that?
They're a hoot and have been good neighbors to us -
 Lastly, our little natural screen is beginning to grow 
-- and bloom even!
[I'll share more on this project in a few weeks.]
We had such a wonderful time with our boys and sweet daughter-in-law on Friday evening with Fresh Market's $20 meal [-- more on that in a week or so too!] We just enjoyed visiting out on the patio and being together with no real agenda.
Good times.
 We also had a good time being with my family for a quick meal together 

and a little splash pad time.
[We're a cRaZy bunch - ha.]
Happy Summertime to You! 
Stay cool!

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Linda Matthews said...

I was wondering what all of your expressions were about on IG.