Monday, June 8, 2015

The stars have aligned!!!

[Scrapbook Extravaganza 2013 ]
I’m so excited to say that after [about] FIVE [+] years – my name has FINALLY popped up off the waiting list for the Teresa Collins Las Vegas Event – 
During the SAME week that Southwest was having a MEGA-SALE. {{yay}} 
I’m in y’all! 
It’ll be so fun to attend a real honest-to-goodness scrapbook event full of classes, a crop, 
Can’t wait to take classes with Teresa and all her glittery goodness –
and my main sparkler, Margie, is going to be there too!! 
It’s going to be great!!
[Photo - CKU Provo - 2009 -
I'm not sure WHY we didn't get a photo during the last SPARK event!!!]
Other than that, this has been a ‘regular’ week –
No travel out of town…
Catching up on things at work and around the house.
Hey y'all - the mosquitoes are BAD this year!
[As in – fester up like a fire ant bite, BAD]
And they surely got to me last week when we were working on the patio cover – 
so we headed to Wal-Mart and picked up this handy-dandy machine
[I’ve had one before, but accidentally left it out in the rain…duh.]
Now I can sit outside as long as I want and not worry about losing any blood. Ha.
I even took it to The Concert in the Park where we met friends for dinner and music.
[Always a fun thing to do at least A FEW times during the summer!]
And, you got it – NO BITES!
In other news, I’ve read SEVEN books this week!
[The Pride Series by Jill Sanders]
Just sweet little romance reads where there always seems to be some manic trying to kill someone – ha. There was the occasional language that I didn’t care for and a few ‘love scenes’ that were a little too detailed for me [personally,] but other than that, a good read [obviously – I’ve almost read them all – ha.] But it is a little sad to me how quickly they all seemed to take their relationship ‘to the next level’ – like the third date or so.. 
I’m so glad I’m not living single in this day and age…
 I’m also enjoying the ‘expressyourselfy’ challenge on Instagram –
I’m sure some of you have seen that –
just a little creativity to add to my day!
[LOVED making this daisy look so HUGE!]
And I’m loving my garden – these lilies are such a pretty color!
Love that they are blooming just as the primroses are dying out –
I’m hoping to eventually have a full and complete garden of perennials!
[OH! And we’ve picked two tomatoes from our vine too!]
Hope you're having a great summer!
And remember,
Be Present – Be Real – Live Life!

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Shirley Ross said...

Congratulations and thank you for such an uplifting and wonderful blog post. I love to read you blog.