Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I've been pretty busy

these last few weeks...
And I've not had [or taken] the time to play with Art...
But here's a little bit from my art journal that I did last week... 
just showing real life, right now.
And, I think I've shown this to you before - 
She's big, maybe 16x20...
And while it is for sell... it will be hard to let her go...
[Inspired by Mindy Lacefield.]
 Also - I'm trying so hard to do a little artsy thing with my verse every couple of weeks for Beth Moore's Scripture Memory challenge. 
I'm hanging in there y'all! 
And I'll hop on the bandwagon and say that it's 
much harder to memorize ANYTHING as we get older!
But I'm enjoying the challenge!  

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