Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I always try to take a little project along

when I'm working out of town for several days - 
And this last time as I was packing up I KNEW I wanted to
about the way I carry my jewelry [in a plastic bag - ha]
So all the way down I was thinking about what I wanted to do - 
and how to do it in the easiest possible way. 
Ha. That's me.
 So I came up with this - 
a place mat from Kohls, embroidery thread, plastic rings, 
ribbon [and needles] from Hobby Lobby...
I laid the jewelry out to see where to put the rings...
Then marked the spots 
[You'll see that I ended up with a different plan from the lay-out above.]
I know it's blurry - but it's only pencil marks - ha.
Then I started stitching the rings down. The place mat was double fabric, so I was able to just stitch through the first layer [thus - no stitches show on the front! Yay!]
I decided on the double rings at the top for shorter / longer necklaces. 
And you can see that at least one of the necklaces was too chubby to fit through the rings so I tied it down, but I may replace with bigger rings...
They can also be used for earrings. 
I plan to stitch at least one little bag onto a ring to hold the earring that are not a loop.
I stitched the ribbon to the outside of the placement, again, 
being sure to not go all the way through. 
[Sorry no photos of that -- 
Must have got caught up in The Voice while doing this part. HA.]
But I do love the way it rolls up and ties it all together 
so that it can fit easily [smashed anywhere] in my suitcase. 
Would love to see yours if you create something similar!  

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