Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back in the day

our Mama would make our birthdays special 
with a chocolate cake 
[I'm sure it was a mix, because the only cake 
I ever really knew her to bake from scratch was that coconut 
one with the syrup poured over it - oh my! But, I digress...]
with seven minute frosting
It always seems like A LOT OF TROUBLE. 
And it was only made for for special occasions, 
like our birthdays...
Somehow, a few months back we were all reminiscing and talking about childhood memories and the topic of our traditional birthday cake came up. 
 And I remembered that the frosting for Craig's favorite cake of all time [Tres Leches] 
was almost identical [and oh, so much easier to make!] 
So I whipped one up for my sweet sister in law's birthday back in January... 
[A chocolate cake from a mix 
and the delicious frosting I'm going to share with you today -]
Brother RAVED about how it took him right back to childhood...
And dare I share this? 
I got a photo [texted] of it before I could even get out of town 
and ALL the frosting had been eaten off the top. Ha. 
So, I knew I'd make one for his birthday as well -- 
Only the boys in my house had the grand idea to hollow out the middle of the cake and FILL it with this wonderful frosting. So I did. ha.
[And yes, I continue to use out-dated paper's not Thanksgiving y'all. 
Although - I am thankful for my brother.]  
So here's my 'Seven Minute' Frosting recipe 
[or marshmallow frosting as my boys call it - ] 
 Bring 1 cup sugar and 1/2 water to a boil in a saucepan.
 Meanwhile, beat three egg whites until stiff peaks form -
 Check the syrup, and boil to soft-ball stage - 
It's right there on the candy thermometer -
 When it's there, simply pour it into the egg whites while they continue to beat.
[I actually turned my egg whites off while waiting on the syrup to cook - 
Then turned them back on to beat it all together -] 
Continue beating until cool - 
Disclaimer: this is actually a double recipe so I'd have plenty for filling, 
your bowl may not be this full - and this recipe makes PLENTY for a regular two layer cake -
Then frost your cake.
I ended up having to cut a little 'lid' for the top because it all just kept sinking in...
I was able to meet brother for lunch on his big day 
[something we aren't' always able to do since we all live in differnet cities] 
He loved the cake....
But then saw the inside 
and realized he had a REAL treat.
And I've gotta say - it WAS delicious.
Good thing I sent it home with them to enjoy!
Have I started a new tradition?
Or brought back an old one?
Either way - it's fun to have a little bit of childhood on our birthdays, isn't it?
Oh, one other thing - don't make this on a rainy day - 
It just won't 'set' right, or might be grainy, etc.  

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