Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Are y'all like me?

With lots of little projects / ideas 
setting 'round the house
 just waiting [ever so patiently] to be completed?
Well, we finally got to one that's been waiting for a while...
 [not that we haven't gotten LOTS done 'round the house, because we've always got at least one project going on - but it's just that this one had been pushed to the side a bit...
Over and over and over again - lol.
I'm so very happy that we took the time to hang this cute mirror I've had for a while now.
{Be Yourself ... Live life with no regrets.}
And a little piece I picked up at HL and updated with paint to match our bedroom 
[and gold dots behind it!] to hang some of favorite jewelry on -
Topping it all off is a cute glass piece 
[Be still and know...]
I got last year during the silent auction at 
We're all getting together at the end of the month to scrapbook, and craft, 
and take classes [I'm teaching!] and just generally have a blast! 
But most importantly to raise money 
for this wonderful foundation 
that is working hard every day to find a cure for CF.
This year's them is Alice in Wonderland - 
I can't wait to see what everyone does with THAT.
[And yes, that's a project I've been working on as well!]
I'd love for you to join us!
[Just click the link above to find more info!]

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