Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Y'all know I like to upcycle things...

Well, over the holidays the youngest ordered 
some new computer things and one box had a 
neat little styrofoam square in it --
And I immediately thought that it would make a cute wreath for the door if it was covered in burlap - 
And I have a TON of burlap that I've saved from using on our camping tables before everyone started carrying the [much more] easy to use 'runners' you can get now --
I was especially glad to see that I had a whole roll of wide burlap ribbon [I guess that's what you'd call this - it's finished on each side so you don't have deal with all the fray that 
raw edges of burlap tends to have - ]
So I wrapped it, and wrapped it, twisting it along the way so that it bulked up a bit and covered the square completely. 
I just tucked the end into one of the folds, 
so there's no glue involved.
 I kinda love it - 
And plan to use it for lots of different seasons --
I added a few things I had leftover 
to make it a Mardi Gras Wreath...
But I love it as a cute Easter Wreath with this bunny 
that's been hanging out on our door 
for more than a few years now... 
It'll go up on Wednesday - 
and then after that I have an initial [H] that I'll put on it 
so that I can  put my own twist on the trendy initials
we're seeing on everyone's doors these days... 
Then I'll probably put on flags,
and add a little red-white-and-blue for the summer... 
ooooo, or maybe sunflowers, wouldn't that be cute?!
But for now, it's waiting for Easter 
since I already have a wreath  for Mardi Gras -
-- Don't eat too many moon pies, y'all!

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