Monday, February 9, 2015

So - there's not much happening

'round these parts...
I finally went to the doctor and got some meds for my sinus infection. 
And I'm feeling ever-so-much better...
[That's our quilt and sweater throw that I picked up at Dirt Cheap - 
DIRT CHEAP -- like $5 each! Love them for the winter!]
I've not done much this week other than show up at work... 
[How I organize my follow-up stuff for work - 
Yep --> we plan ahead a bit.]
Y'all know how a sinus infection can zap the energy right out of you ~
and apparently out of your mind too - ha.
EmmaLou does her best to help me -- 
[This picture was taken during the Holidays - notice her Christmas dress - 
Yes, I've turned into THAT person...]
I've "lost" three things this week 
[some gift certificates, my water colors {{yes!!}} 
& banana bread IN THE FREEZER- ha]
Craig took one look around for each one and found them for me - 
On different days -- 
Glad I have him!
He's started fishing this week
[the crappie are definitely biting!]
And they taste SO GOOD
any way you fix them!
 A bonus for fishing during this time of year is seeing the eagles! 
[Taken with his cell phone -]
While Craig's been fishing, EmmaLou and I 
have been hanging out a bit [and playing with Art]
She rarely has the opportunity to be upstairs and 
this is one of her toys that stays up there.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to hear Henry Blackaby speak [Experiencing God]
at Whitesburg [where we've been going these last few weeks - loving it, btw.]
He was very interesting! And it was a treat to hear him in real life.
[That's a photo of one of projects from Junelle's class - 
didn't take one of Dr. Blackaby, thought it'd be kind of weird... ]
Oh, I also [finally] got my craft room cleaned up a bit...
Here's to a better week for us all!

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