Friday, January 30, 2015

Okay, so I’m sharing this photo

to show you that we did, in fact, eat at home this week – 
more than once, actually. Ha. 
This is a quick and easy Shepherd’s Pie that put together after Christmas 
[I couldn’t let those delicious Paula Dean Mashed potatoes go to waste!] 
And, to clarify – it’s been wrapped up tightly in the freezer since then --

It’s so easy to make – 
I browned a pound of ground chuck and stirred in a can of cream of mushroom soup, a bag of frozen green beans, about a half cup of frozen green peas, and a cup or so of cooked carrots 
[mostly left overs – ha]
 After I put all of that in the casserole dish 
[LOVE my crazy daisy Pyrex, by the way --
oh, and the matching corelle!] 
and spooned the leftover mashed potatoes on top,
I sprinkled [heaped?!] grated cheddar cheese on top,
wrapped it tightly and stuck it in the freezer – 
I pulled it out and let it thaw a  bit 
and then put it in a 250* oven for a couple of hours until it was warm and bubbly…
 To be honest, it’s not an ‘oh, I want to have this every week’ kind of meal – 
But it was warm and satisfying on these cold wintery days…
 and a terrific use for left-overs!

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