Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

And there you have it – my One Little Word for 2015.
I’ve had a word for several years now  
– Intentional – Aware – Joy –  Choice -- Magic --  ETC --
[Skipping 2014 because I was still so actively grieving my mama’s death 
that I just couldn’t wrap my head around one -]
But this year I kinda thought I needed one…
There’s lots of art projects planned around the OLW in my internet art world – 
Seeing everyone choosing theirs helped me see that a word for the year 
will help me focus on my goals for 2015.
And my goal is to grow in my relationship with my Lord.
To return to that place of ultimate trust that I’ve been in before - 
For those who have been believers in Christ for a number of years, you may know what I’m talking about – we have times when we draw closer to God, and times when we just go through the motions [mountain tops and valleys in our SBC speak -]
… and I kinda think I’m somewhere in between right now – 
I love my Lord and am always [daily!] grateful for the salvation and peace that He gives me – but I know I’m not totally surrendered to Him.

Honestly – That word scares me – 
To be totally surrendered means [to me] 
that I’ll be open and accepting of whatever He wants me to do in this life – 
and while I really don’t think He will send me to Africa 
[but what if He does?!?] 
I am a little afraid of things He might use to get me where I need to be. 
[Is that my crazy anxiety kicking in, or just honest human nature?] 
 But I know without a doubt in my mind [because He has proven this to me over and over] that no matter what He puts / allows in my path  - He will walk me through it.
So that’s my hope for this year – to walk closer to my Lord, 
to pray boldly, and to surrender to whatever He wants me to face 
to have Him work in my life and the lives of those I love.
It may not be easy – 
But He will walk beside me, leading, guiding all the way, 
He’ll make a path before me 
and in the presence of my enemies [or adversities] 
He will welcome me as His special guest...
Because The Lord is my shepherd
I have everything that I need - 
He lets me rest in meadows green
 And He leads me beside the quiet streams... 
He will help me to do what honors Him the most...
It will be a daily journey that I'm hoping to share through my art throughout the year.
So there you have it - 
I'd love to hear what your one little word might be and the significance behind it!

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Kathy Wittlock said...

My word is 'BE' , I am not sure what the next few months hold for me ... I decided yesterday to just be me not worry with what others think or say... I have been on a rollercoaster ride the past few months... So not a good time to make promises or plans I will BE me... As the oldest daughter I feel like I expected to BE... I can see a calmness in both my dad and mother in a quick visit or just sitting with them BE present , Be calm, Be me... God is in control of this situation. I must have hope and faith in what his plans are. Thank you for your inspiration.. I don't blog much these days. Happy New Year