Monday, December 1, 2014

What a great weekend!

But great, none-the-less...
 I was kind of dreading doing the whole holiday thing again without our Mama...
Last year I think we were still in such shock over losing her...
we just went through the motions...
So this year, I'm feeling the loss just a bit more.
[And I guess I know it will always be there --]
But we did okay.
 There's lots of joy to be found with family --
 We started the holiday with Craig's mother on Thanksgiving day -
a relaxing day of just visiting together ...
[lunch provided by Cracker Barrel.]
Next we had our little family gathering with fondue fun!
I prepare it all 
and then let them cook their own!
[More on that in a few days -]
It was yummy!
Then we finished the weekend up 
with my extended family here at the house -
We had a great day - a pasta bar 
[we're so non-traditional, ha.]
and a little afternoon air-soft shooting, fire-pit sitting, marsmallow roasting...  
leaf throwing, and hammock swinging.
All-in-all a pretty good day!
[Photos to come!]
I DO love Thanksgiving!
for me, it's a relaxed holiday 
with no expectations other than good food -- 
A great time to 
with family.
 Even if we are a little nutty - 
[Hope your holiday was great too!]

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