Friday, November 28, 2014

So here's a favorite photo

for this Friday after Thanksgiving.
I'm sure I've shared it before ---
Back in the day we'd always do our best to be together for the after-thanksgiving sales -
[even that time I had to 'sneak' over to Decatur because I was on-call for work - ha]
One of our favorite places to shop was Rhodens - out in Russellville [now closed]...
Mama always gave us a little cash to spend, and it was never about the amount - but instead about how far we could stretch it! 
And stretch it, we did!
I love this photo, 
I love that I happened to have my camera with me 
and asked a complete stranger to snap this shot 
[this was WAY before digital or cell phones...]
I love that it captures an 'every-day' moment that was a tradition in our lives.
I love that we all look so young and healthy - ha.
[I love that I STILL have those wreaths too!]
Happy Shopping y'all!
Doubt I'll be out in the crowds this year 
- I'll be getting ready for our own traditional fun-family-fondue.

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