Monday, September 22, 2014

We still have lots of tomatoes -

I actually froze a batch or two last week before they spoiled...
But we know it's winding down.
Our local farmer's market will only be open for a few more weeks...
During a recent visit we bought a cantaloupe [still not good --],  a butternut squash [? - I obviously over-cooked it], green beans, okra, and of course those delicious cinnamon rolls.
But since Craig only eats one , it's really better all 'round if we just buy two individually -- 
 So one evening I got busy prepping the okra - I just give it a good rinse and slice it directly into a pie plate of corn meal, give it a good toss 
and then pan fry it in batches on top of the stove.
Before I got started on that I prepared a macaroni and cheese from the family cookbook 
[I'm thinking I need to scan this in for the younger generations!]
and popped it into the oven, and had the green beans cooking with some bacon...
 We served it up with fresh tomatoes from the garden
[I have LOVED having the tomato plants right outside the back door!!]
And I've really enjoyed cooking a meal or two each week that is 
fresh / local with no preservatives -
Good stuff.

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