Monday, September 29, 2014

It's FINALLY beginning to feel like fall

here in North Alabama -- 
My favorite time of year -- We LOVE camping in the fall - 
and hanging around a campfire 
making s'mores
We still have warm days [in the 80*s,] 
but we're beginning to have some awesome cooler nights ---
 I enjoyed doing Bible Study by the light of a lantern 
while Craig was watching a ball game.
[Hey! I never said we 'roughed' it!]
 And we love cooking hobo meals 
in foil packets placed in the coals of hot [HOT!!] fire -
These photos are from a couple of weeks ago [have I shared them already?!]
We camped at one of our favorite campgrounds [DavID Crockett] and just enjoyed a relaxing time together - had a quick visit with a sweet cousin of mine who has recently fully embraced the camping lifestyle - wish I'd realized we were in the same place sooner!
[See, I told you --- no roughing it here -
Our little RV - just big enough for the two of us -]
This weekend we camped a little closer to home - 
at a great campground up on Monte Sano!
It was fun to get away with friends and 
enjoy dinner together on Friday evening - 
[Thanks for the photo Doris -
but we should have got one with ALL of us in it!!]
More friends joined us for hobo meals 
[we love them, what can I say?!?] on Saturday night.
We should have taken a  photo then too!!!
Great place to camp, with wonderful trails to hike, etc.
But there was a problem -
The cell service was sketchy -- 
As in, run-the-battery-down-hunting-for-a-signal sketchy -
And sad to say... we've just got to be connected --
Soooo - I'm not sure if we'll be back, 
even if it is just 20 minutes or so from our house...

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