Monday, July 21, 2014

These past few weeks

I've not traveled so much for work [yay!] 
and I've enjoyed having time to
 just be -
 You know what I mean ---
with no real agenda or time frame...
except for going to the office, of course....

 It makes me think retirement will be a really fun thing...
But y'all know ---- I'm no where NEAR retirement - ha.
I took my sweetie to the airport in Nashville a couple of weeks ago 
[for a fun fishing trip to Lake Erie]
and I spent the rest of the day just visiting with my sister - we did some 'find-the-label' shopping at Goodwill - we think it's a little weird that we can automatically pull out a label just by the look of the fabric [and I'm not talking design or color --]
And we found some sweet deals - but we only came home with some picture frames - lol -
I've had time to work on some art [and catch-up with my weekly art challenges -- 
but to be clear I'm not stressing over doing every-single-one 
because there's just some that don't appeal to me at all -]
Had a great time at the BIG BIRTHDAY BASH -  
See? My cupcakes DID look cute before the buttercream melted...
Then I went back to Nashville [sitting in traffic for an hour] to get my sweetheart and we enjoyed a nice relaxing evening at Maggiano's - we LOVE that place -- 
I ordered this personalized cuff from Christy Tomlinson [isn't it great?!?!]
And I've discovered the Amazon [super] store [where you can buy just about anything your little heart desires -] and finally found my favorite red lipstick [revlon 626 - cha cha cherry] that should be here any day -- 
and I've joined Margie's new on-line class, 
complete with kit that should also be arriving soon... 
--- Been spending that travel check from June - ha.
I said a final goodbye to an old-time Mexican favorite...
No, they aren't closing... but the quality has gone so low that  I'll not be back...
Kinda sad, really.
But we've sure been enjoying 
eating local - eating fresh...
We saw some friends at the farmer's market the other day and they said something about being inspired by how HEALTHY we were eating - and....
 I'm not sure it's HEALTHY - 
because an awful lot of it is fried - 
but IT IS local and fresh - [no preservatives.]
And the grilled cake with berries and yogurt WAS delicious!
And, oh-so-easy with my grill pan that I got for Christmas!
I also had  Discovering Joy in Creativity Group meeting 
at our house again this week - 
I'm sooo enjoying this group of gals who get together each month 
to study The Word and do a little art too -- 
It's such a pleasure to see the things they are working 
outside of class!
I've thought about it - 
but am just enjoying myself too much to remember to do it!

In other news...
My heart has been heavy for one of my sweet aunts and her family...
[Photo June - 2014 - credit - Jess Everhart]
She's been in the hospital this past week with a very serious heart attack... 
but is  home and resting now... please keep her in your prayers.
She's a sweetheart -- 
and taught me how to snap my fingers...
-- Tried incessantly to teach me how to whistle...
[but I still can't - lol]

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