Monday, July 7, 2014

So here's a little something I created

for July [and yes, I hung it up before the 4th - but it will stay up all month long!] 
 My disclaimer -- I don't do a ton of decorating for the 4th, 
but instead, just add a few things to my regular 'spring / summer' decor' ---
Like my basket of apples on top of the wardrobe... 
A flag over by the candles on the mantle... 
A little wreath over the mirror on the buffet... 
Another flag and 'junk' bow* in the kitchen ...

Flag plates over the stove...
and some star art for the foyer 
[picked up at Hobby Lobby a few years back for 80% off! Yippee!]
+ some vintage 4th of July photos
... mostly off the internet, but 
that is my dad and one of his older brothers
back in the 40's in front of the flag!
But let's get back to the front porch---
I hung a flag on the door... and replaced the Queen Anne's Lace with my vase of sunflowers that I created after taking one of Margie's Spark Your Summer Classes*
[she always has such fun ideas!]
Then I decided I wanted to add a banner to the frame -
[notice, I DID paint the bird hooks white afterall.]
 So I gathered some leftover fabric, modpodge, 
and an old school folder before getting started...
I glued the fabric to the folder
[I used a brayer to smooth it out and a heat gun to dry it quickly.]
Then I made a pattern for my banner out of scrap paper
[roughly 3x4 inches] and traced it on the back of the folder...
I used my fiskars scissors to trim it all out...
Then hung it on the frame
[I added a couple of rag bows on each end.]
I used a strip of plastic cut from a grocery bag to staple the tags to - 
then I went back and stapled them all together.
The folder on the back gives each tag the stability it needs.
You could probably stitch around each one to give it even more stability!
[I didn't - ]
[It's a fun little welcome at night too!]
I like this idea and it was so easy to do 
that I might do some for different seasons!
Let me see some of your Fourth of July decorations!

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