Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Are you like me?

Do you have a lot of half-finished [or barely started] projects 
stuffed in corners around your house?
I've decided IT'S TIME -
I'm going to do my best to get every single one of these finished this summer.
...and then find a place to sell them!
[It's mostly canvases.]
- Because as much as I love each one, 
I really can't continue to hold on to them all - 
This is a canvas that has been setting in my studio 
for two years - seriously!!!
I put this girl on there this past week -
and while it wasn't what I intended when I started,
I do kind of love her --
The background is fabric from a favorite skirt that was MUCH too long... her face is textured with tissue paper, and her dress is a baby wipe that was used to wipe off some spray ink ---
her eyes just grew into her face that way...

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