Saturday, June 14, 2014

I've been loving the things that

I’ve seen that people are doing with old suitcases on pinterest these days! 
So I mentioned some projects to my sweetie
 and he has had his eye out for an old suitcase or two…

The first one he picked up [on the side of the road, from someone throwing it out – 
 Yes – you can find some of the BEST things that way!] 
had been out a little too long, and try as we might, we could NOT get rid of the mildew – and since, that showed as my #1 allergy, there was no way it could come into our house. 
 Instead, we used it for some of the cute décor at the family reunion last year. 
[This is favorite pic, btw – am not sure WHAT was happening –
but it LOOKS LIKE the youngest is knocking his gal over, 
and the oldest seems to be choking his bride, 
while dad lovingly looks on – lol]

Back to the suitcase… 
I kind of wanted one to use as a cute little ottoman… and loved this one when my sweetie brought it home… even with its missing handle.  My plan: put some legs on it [with felt underneath so it would slide easily over our wood floors] –

We bought the legs at Home Depot where 
they also had this Martha Stewart crackle paint on sale. Score.  [I got two colors!]

First we [and of course, by ‘we,’ I really mean my sweetie –] drilled holes and attached the legs – I made a template to use  in each corner so they were the exact distance from the edge. 
He used washers to be sure the screws did not pull through the suitcase.
 [It’s just heavy cardboard, y’all –] 

Then I painted the crackle paint on. This is the first time I’ve used crackle paint and the directions said to use a putty knife… I used my hands, a foam brush, and a plastic knife to cover the surface with a thick coat. 
[It was VERY thick and messy – I can’t wait to use it on some art projects!]

I let it dry overnight – and really found that the thicker coat gives a better crackle finish… It’s definitely not perfect, but since it will be on the ground & under the suitcase, I’m not too worried about it. – I mean, seriously, how many people are going to come into your house and pick something up to look underneath it? Ha.

Right now I’m using it as a little side table to hold a favorite piece of art, a cute birdie, and my mother’s high school yearbooks. It adds a little happy feeling to our space and I kinda love it. 
It may stay here for a while before moving to the den 
for an ottoman [replacing the HUGE one we have in there now…]
What kind of fun projects have you been working on 'round the house?

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