Saturday, May 10, 2014

So I mentioned wanting

a corsage made of peach roses --
The only problem was half of the florists I called 
were not taking any more corsage orders 
[there's also a couple of proms in town this weekend --] 
and the other half didn't have peach roses...
 So I decided to make my own.
I've made a few corsages in the past...
but looked up a couple of 'DIY Corsage' sites anyway...
And... I thought I'd go ahead and share my take on it too - lol.
I bought a corsage base [for a wrist corsage, 
although I'm pretty sure I'll  wear mine pinned....] 
at Michael's. 
The first thing I did was put a little paint on this 'base'
I just didn't want the stark white showing through the back ---
I mixed a pretty peach color using a little 
orange, white, pink, and yellow and painted it on the netting - 
then I wiped it off with one of my paint towels 
since I only wanted a tint of color.
 Next I gathered my supplies so I could put it all together - 
I got my roses at Kroger [yes] and also used ribbon, washi tape 
[I forgot to get floral tape,] wire, a couple of sprigs of leaves and fern,
 and my [new! thanks to the gift certificate I won at the CF Crop!] Tim Holtz scissors... 
and then I got started --
 1. Cut some wire and thread it into the bottom of each bud,
going both directions. 
Trim to approximately one inch in length.
2. Wrap the stem and wire with floral [washi!] tape.
 3. Do this with each of the buds.
[Oops! I trimmed after wrapping with tape - lol]
 4. Trim the greenery and wire together being careful to loop the wire so that it 'catches' on leaves preventing them from falling out. [And yes, I used fake greenery because I plan to keep this corsage after the roses dry.]
5. Gather the roses into the arrangement you like best and wire together. 
I added baby's breath from my mama's funeral...
 6. Wrap the base of  your little arrangement with ribbon so that the stems are covered completely. Then use a little more wire [I want it to stay secure!] and tie it to the base with a couple more sprigs of greenery. Add a ribbon bow.
Completed corsage photo is at the top of this post.
I'm happy with the way it turned out...
and I only broke one bud in the process...
It's such a sweet memory of my mama on Mother's Day...
I wish I could give my sister one too...

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