Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Take a Sketch and Make it Yours

Before we even get started, let me say that 
I am NOT all about a perfect photo of my scrapbook pages.
I hope the photos shared here will give you inspiration to create your own; they will never be perfectly straight, or line up in a square... I really don't have the time to devote to that.
I hope you use these ideas and make your own pages --
keeping mind, that in real life my lines are straight - ha.
Okay -- I'm going to try and make this short and sweet - 
I've been a 'fan' of Cathy Zielske since the first time I saw one of her scrapbook pages - so clean and neat and simple with everything in its proper 'boxes' [real or imaginary - ha] 
And she once suggested using advertisements as a base for our scrapbook layouts.
[Let someone else do the design for you -they get paid for good design, after all... 
or something like that. Ha.]
Anyway - I've been doing it [off and on] since then --
And I wanted to share a bit of the process with you each month,
so here we go - 
The Advertisement:
These days I usually have fewer photos to use 
and since I've always wanted to highlight the photos more than the 'stuff' 
I'm drawn to layouts that have big bold photos.
The Sketch:
 I usually  do a quick sketch of the advertiesment on a sticky note - 
but am trying to give a little more attention to the 
proper dimensions for this series of posts. 
[All sketches will be for 12x12 pages, 
but you'll soon see that I use all sizes in my scrapbooks.]
Page 1:
I am truly a very simple scrapbooker.
I like clean and neat. And simple. 
Page 2:
 But I'm going to give you at least two ways 
to use the sketch each month...and I like this much better.
The most important thing I did was cover the people by the tree with a sticker - as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't bring myself to ask them to move so I could take the photo - ha.
And, really? I was enjoying the magnificent sunset with my sweetie 
far too much to worry about the perfect picture anyway...
I also put a brown mat around the photo. 
this page is 8x8, by the way, so this is a regular sized photo.
Page 3
Is the at the top of this post. 
You see, I liked the second page so much more, but I just have 
this THING with using a black pen -- 
so I had to go back and outline. A lot. Ha.
NOW I want to see what you do with this idea.
Show me your pages.
Post a link, here in the comments, or send me an email
and let me see!
 I'll randomly choose a participant to receive the 
OnceAMonthGiveaway Box.
Yep - making you work a bit for it this year - 
Let's go!

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